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Same strategy, different casinos, huge difference. My Blackjack story and questions.

Before I start my story I must make a small statement. I can't stand Spanish 21. I can't stand how casino's are trying to phase out BJ and do strictly Spanish 21. I know why, because the odds are more in favor of the house. But to give up a staple like Blackjack is in my opinion reckless and stupid.
Also, I'm very new to gambling. I'm 38 and never really won anything so I never really gave it much thought. Now I'm trying to get into it again.
Anyway, on with my tale:
A few weeks ago I went down to Southern Oregon to visit my mother. While I was there I visited The Mill casino in Coos Bay.
For Blackjack, the Mill casino has 3 tables. Depending on the day of the week, each table is priced as follows: 3/5, 5/10, 10/15
This was my very first foray into playing Blackjack with some form of strategy. Here is my small but effective strategy:
That's it. I know there are more strategies that help beyond that, but this helped me lose a hell of a lot less.
So I play and notice that the Mill Casino doesn't have automatic shufflers. All the dealers shuffle by hand and then place the deck's in the shoe.
When I came home I was up almost $500 from my initial investment of $40. I played with several groups of people who were very fun and encouraging. It wasn't a huge win but it was a win nonetheless.
I thought to myself, "I can't lose". It was a very stupid mindset to be in.
I came home to Seattle and decided to try my strategy on local casinos.
It was and has been a nightmare. I've gone to three different casinos in the area.
At every one of these places I lost. Over and over again. Same strategy, tables were mixed between full and not full.
I also noticed I won more when the table was full and I was in the center.
However, I'm now down almost $500 from my initial investment.
All of these casinos use the automatic shuffler. When the dealers were dealing they KNEW what cards were going to appear. More times than not, they could predict what was going to appear. I could hear them muffle "7" or "bust" or something like that under their breath or even out in the open. They were correct about 95% of the time.
Here are my questions:
  1. Why am I getting different results? Is it because of the automatic shufflers?
  2. How do the dealers know what card is going to appear? I thought the shufflers were random?
  3. Are there any other simple strategies that I can keep in my head to win more often?
  4. Is there a comparable strategy to Spanish 21 to what I have above? I don't want to transition but if I'm forced to I want to have a simple strategy like I have above for BJ.
tl;dr: Got different results and win/loss ratio at casinos in different states. Why? How can I improve my strategy and is there a comparable strategy for Spanish 21?
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My thoughts / tips for anyone considering a trip to Bandon Dunes.

I spent last Wednesday night through Sunday morning at the resort and it most definitely the best golf vacation of my life. We played Old Mac and Pacific Dunes on Thursday, Bandon Dunes on Friday, and Bandon Trails on Saturday. We were schedule to play Bandon Preserve on Friday afternoon, but I hurt my wrist on Thursday and decided to take it easy.
Ok, some random thoughts:
In general, one of the things I liked most about Bandon is that you didn't feel like they were there to rip you off at every turn. If you stay at the resort, rounds are only $235 and then $120 if you decide to play another 18 holes that day, on ANY course. The beers and food was all very reasonably priced, also aided by the fact that Oregon doesn't have any sales tax.
We flew into North Bend from San Francisco and rented a car during our stay. This is definitely the way to go if you can. While the flight can be a little unreliable, driving 30 minutes to the airport beats a longer drive to a different airport any day.
Renting a car was the decision we were most happy about in hindsight. While you can get a shuttle to the airport and you don't really need your own car to get around, being trapped at the resort didn't really appeal to us.
We took the liberty of spending our evenings in Bandon and Coos Bay. The first night we ate the the Grill at Pacific Dunes, but in general I would say that I wasn't thrilled with the the food there. It's OK, but just ok. One place I would recommend for sure is Alloro's Wine Bar in Bandon. Not good for big groups, but it's a fantastic little place with excellent food and wine. We spent one night at the casino in North Bend which, while not sexy, is one of the main attractions of the town.
Another advantage to having our own car was driving down to Bullard's Beach State Park, where you can actually frolic on all of the beautiful beaches you see from the courses at Bandon. It's less than a 10 minute drive south of the resort and I would highly recommend visiting and putting your feet in the 52 degree water.
We stayed in the Lily Pond rooms which are more than adequate. We had two of us sharing one room, but it was a rather large room and I wouldn't have hesitated to put a rollaway bed in there to accommodate another person to spread out the cost a bit. The beds were comfortable and the free wifi was fast enough to do anything that you might need to get done.
Ok, now for some of the golf related stuff. Starting with weather... let me just say that it's not warm and always felt colder than the posted temperature because of the breeze from the sea. It's less windy in the morning and seemingly blowing the hardest in the early afternoon. Bandon Trails is not as windy as it sits back in the woods.
You should definitely bring some long pants and sweaters / windbreakers. You can manage with shorts probably, but your upper body needs something to keep the chill away. I was stupid and didn't bring anything but short-sleeved shirts, but the pro shop had an awesome selection and wasn't TOO expensive. Rain gear is also highly recommended just in case, although we didn't have to break it out.
One thing that I was thankful for was wearing comfortable shoes. This is not the place to be breaking in a new pair of standard golf shoes. The ground is as hard as a rock and walking 36 holes a day will make your feet throb. I wore some Ecco flat-bottomed shoes and they worked great. If I hs to do it over again, I would have changed socks between rounds.
To avoid the hassle of lugging my clubs, I also decided to use Ship Sticks to UPS my clubs. For me, this was the way to go. And I would definitely choose this option again.
Since Bandon is walking only, you can either take a caddie or carry your own bag. My partner and I decided to take a pro jock since we weren't on a tight budget. They tell you $80-$100 per bag is standard and our caddie carried doubles (and of course, being former caddies ourselves, we paid the upper end of that range). He was probably not as helpful as I would have expected (especially on the greens), but he had a lot of great stories and was just a really solid dude. At least he saved our legs a little bit. Taking a caddie is the way to go in my opinion, especially from a pace of play and course navigation perspective, but certainly not a necessity.
As no one else really ever cares to hear the play-by-play of your round, let me just say that the golf is pretty challenging, but very fair. The greens were pretty variable from course to course, with Trails easily having the best and Pacific the worst. I couldn't make a putt to save my life and it's not a place where you can play to dive the ball in the hole. You get a lot of tight lies so don't get too frustrated when you skull a wedge shot (it will probably happen). I found that my putter, 3i hybrid, and pitching wedge were most effective from the fringe. The fairways, in general, are forgiving and the ball rolls a long way downwind. These are broad generalizations and every course is really its own experience.
A couple of random words to the wise. Be sure to bring bug spray. I'm talking about the good stuff, because this place, especially Trails and Preserve, is currently overrun with an swarm of aggressive and large mosquitos. In fact, we know of several groups that thought they were bad enough not to play Trails at all. I think that's a little extreme, but I definitely got bit up a little bit. Also, sunscreen is still a good idea, even though it was overcast the entire time we were there.
Looking back, I'd say that Bandon Trails was probably my favorite course, but it can't match the sheer beauty of the other ones as it doesn't back up to the ocean. Old Mac was probably my least favorite, but honestly they are all pretty spectacular.
Can't think of anything else right now, but will revert back if I do. I'm happy to answer any questions if you have them.
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From hopeful to homeless in probably less than two minutes.

Well, this series of events starts on Saturday. A little bit of background info: All female family of three moving around Oregon for the first time on a fixed income. There's me, my disabled mom and my 16 year old sister with about $1000 to our name at the start of the story.
So, Saturday we left our last place of residence to go stay at this motel in Coos Bay on the coast, it was pretty inexpensive, only $850 for the whole month (freaking perfect for our budget) and reviews say that it was generally clean and they take pets. So, we get there and everything seems to be going well until we go to check in and they not only didn't keep our reservation, but don't have any rooms to put us it. They then said that they wouldn't put us in anyway because they changed their minds about the amount of pets we have.
So, we leave and spend the entire day driving around Coos Bay and North Bend which turned out to be total shitholes trying to find a place to stay unsuccessfully. We ended up sleeping in our car, packed to the gills and uncomfortable in a casino parking lot.
The next day we decide to say fuck it and head back to the Eugene area where we're from, bleeding money the entire time with gas, food and other things. Both mine and my sister's phones broke and we got $20 replacements.
My mom is the only one that drives and being as sick as she is, we had to stop at an actual motel because rest stops weren't cutting it. We spent the next two nights there cutting our cash supply down nearly $200.
Out of options we bought a tent but not supplies yet and we have $460 left. We have enough money for two weeks at this campground and if we spend right we can get air mattresses and stuff. But it's three weeks exactly until we get money again and can not be homeless anymore. We'll just have to rough it in our Jeep. And to top it all off, the news says it's going to be nice and stormy just for us. Isn't that nice?
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Plan your trip to the Mill Casino A Day in Coos Bay, Oregon - YouTube Coos Bay, North Bend, Oregon - YouTube Coos Bay Oregon Drone Flight - DJI Phantom 4 - YouTube Spectacular Southern Oregon Coast! From Coos Bay To ... 5 Casinos in 7 days: Seven Feathers Oregon North Bend/Coos Bay Tour - YouTube Downtown Coos Bay Drone footage

We are serving the Counties of Coos, Curry, Douglas and Lane with the fun of casino-themed parties. We offer Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, Hold'em Poker and other casino games to your guests in a fun-filled learning atmosphere. Since guests are playing for entertainment, and not for monetary value, everyone is a winner. That is why your party or event will be talked about long afterwards and ... Presentation of the Coos Bay Three Rivers Casino . The Three Rivers Casino is located in the West of Coos Bay, Oregon. The casino offers 250 new games and other progressive games. If you join the Player's Club Card, you’ll receive points and coupons. The restaurant is the Café 1927, it serves breakfasts, pizzas, burgers, sandwiches… Hotels in der Nähe von Three Rivers Casino; Hotels in der Nähe von Shore Acres State Park ; Hotels in der Nähe von Cape Arago State Park; Hotels in der Nähe von Cranberry Sweets; Hotels in der Nähe von Coos Bay Boardwalk; Hotels in der Nähe von Coos History Museum; Hotels in der Nähe von Coos Art Museum; Hotels in der Nähe von Oregon Coast Historical Railway; Hotels in der Nähe von ... Largest Casinos in Coos Bay. The largest casino in Coos Bay, Oregon according to gaming machines and table games put together, is Three Rivers Casino Coos Bay. The Three Rivers Casino Coos Bay total casino square footage is 15,000 square feet. It has 250 gaming machines and 0 tables games. You will also find 1 restaurants. Three Rivers Casino Resort is an award-winning Oregon casino with two beautiful locations on the Oregon coast. Come visit us at one of our casinos in Coos Bay or Florence! Stay at our casino hotel in Florence, Oregon. The newest addition to the Three Rivers Casino family is our Coos Bay, OR location, with 250 new games, there's plenty of opportunities for fun. a really nice small friendly Indian casino on the Southern Oregon coast open 24/7. Newer slot machines, that are a little tight on paying out. But if careful, you can still have a good time while there. The Southern Oregon Coast is one of the most beautiful spots in the U.S., making it a great destination for those who travel by RV. And while The Mill Casino • Hotel & RV Park welcomes guests with beautiful bay-view hotel rooms, visitors will also find plenty to enjoy at the RV park with a variety of sites and amenities. If you’re planning a trip to the casino or exploring your options for ... For central Oregon coast visits, The Mill RV Park is our all-time favorite, with wide, paved sites, free transportation not only to the casino, but anywhere in Coos Bay/North Bend. Utilities are ideally located and always work. Just wish they had faster wi-fi with more band-width. We camped at The Mill Casino RV Park in a Travel Trailer. Tagungshotels in Coos Bay; Öko-Hotels in Coos Bay; Nach Hotelklassifizierung. Hotels mit 3 Sternen in Coos Bay; Beliebte Ausstattungen & Services. Coos Bay Hotelurlaub mit Hund ...

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Plan your trip to the Mill Casino

Three rivers casino on the Oregon coast - Duration: 7:46. Pealing Out 583 views. 7:46. 2017 Roadtrek Adventurous CS 4 x 4 Walk Thru and 10,000 Mile Review - FOR SALE - Duration: 18:27. ... Video includes stops at Sunset Cove, Shore Acres (the real name is Shoreacres, one word), Simpson Reef, Cape Arago, Port Orford, Battle Rock, Humbug Mountain... Taking off in Coos Bay and cruising around in Oregon. Amazing area and awesome beaches. We're waiting for you... This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue The commerce center of the South Central Oregon Coast Me and my family driving in Towns showing everything off to all my friends. We spend a day in Coos Bay, Oregon. We visit the Boardwalk, the Historical Railway Museum, the History Museum, Sunset Bay State Park, and Cape Arago State Pa... 90011 Cape Arago Hwy. Coos Bay, Oregon 97420 - Duration: 2:25. RE/MAX South Coast: Ariann Lyons 1,489 views